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Every great business, every great project is driven by a great idea.

The constant change and evolution requires a

transformative thinking and approach.



We are a consulting firm specialized in Soft Landing services, Expert Network Services and Project Structuring 

focused on supporting the growth and expansion of companies in Latin American countries.


We integrate consultants and experts who provide our clients with a clear vision of how to face their challenges, promoting correct decision-making.


Every great business, every great project is driven by a great idea.


We believe in progress, innovation and strategy as the path to lasting changes and future support for companies.



Soft Landing

We support international companies in their process of entry and expansion in Latin American markets, through a clear understanding of the ecosystems of each country.

That allows a fluid, solid and structured landing in the markets, based on the provision of information, legal, tax and network services.

Expert Network

We provide business intelligence in an innovative, agile and committed way, providing our clients with a broad base of experts and professionals of the highest quality in different specialties that allow them to have a clear vision and understanding of key and strategic issues for their businesses.

Project Structuring and Financing

After analyzing and understanding an idea, we shape a narrative around it that can later become a high-impact project.

We structure the value proposal of the project in such a way that it complies with the premise of "bankability" and we carry out strategic approaches with financial entities, multilateral organizations and investors.

Nuestro Pensamiento

The client is our main focus, we understand their wishes and offer personalized solutions.


We are always open to finding disruptive solutions for the benefit of

our clients.

Fact based:

Our work approach is based on concrete, measurable and quantifiable facts.

Our values


Consulting is a team task where excellence is obtained by applying diverse visions, knowledge and expertise.


Honesty and integrity is a transversal value in all the actions of our firm, thus protecting the interests of our clients and the firm's reputation.

​Practice areas

Soft Landing, Expert Network
& Project Structuring


Are you ready to transcend with your project?

We will be in contact with you soon!

Tel: (593) 26 016 560

Pedro Ponce Carrasco E9-25 & Av. 6 de diciembre

Building Multiapoyo,

office 1104


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